Family Faith Formation

Levels 1 through 8 


FFF Team Pic

The Family Formation Team consists of Adult Catechists,Youth Catechists,

in-class catechist assistants & small group leaders, meal support and behind

the scenes workers. Please keep us and the families we serve in your prayers.


Welcome to Family Faith Formation.

 We use the Christ Our Life series provided by Loyola Press. This comprehensive series provides resources for preschoolers though to level 8. In addition to providing printed material; the Christ Our Life series is fully support on-line at


 Types of Gatherings:

  • Catechists lead “in class” gatherings throughout the school year. Sundays for levels 1-6 from 10am until 11am; level 7 & 8 meet on Monday evenings beginning with the 7am Mass and concluding at 9pm.

  • Parents cover 13 chapters at home, referred to as the “domestic church”. Families are guided through each lesson by using the Home Learning Guide in conjunction with the student books and on-line resources.

  • Family Home Program is available to those who wish to complete most or all chapters at home; joining “in class” gatherings when time permits.

  • Family Gatherings – to celebrate together, families gather for special seasons. These gatherings consist of a community potluck lunch; games, crafts and lessons for the children; and catechesis for the parents. The day ends with children presentations.

FFF Blessing

Members of the Family Faith Formation team receiving

a blessing at Mass on Catechetical Sunday 2016.



Please contact Betty for additional information or inquiries.

Telephone:  902-893-7188

Email:  Betty Chapman: