New WYD LOGOThe WYD, held annually in the dioceses of the world on Palm Sunday, provides every 2-3 years an international meeting of young people with the Pope, which lasts about a week. In addition to being in another country, with its tourist charms, participation requires a prepared body for the pilgrimage and an open heart to the wonders that God has in store for each one. There are catechesis, testimonies, sharing, examples of love of neighbour and the Church, music festivals and cultural activities. Finally, it is a meeting of hearts that are driven by the same belief and hope that the diversity in fraternity is possible.



Our Group of Eight and Father Dariusz in Krakow, July 2016


We had an amazing experience of faith with millions of other young people from around the world while experiencing and learning about the Polish culture.

Thank you for all your support.

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We look forward to the future in Panama 2019!




In 2013, our parish sent 24 pilgrims with 4 chaperones to attend WYD Rio 2013.





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