Often asked: Where Did They Take The Dive Boat Conception To Be Inspected?

What happened to the boat Conception?

The dive boat Conception was off the Channel Islands when a fire broke out on Sept. 2, 2019, killing a crew member and all of the passengers in the bunkroom below deck. Officials said they were trapped by flames that blocked a stairwell and a small hatch that were the only exits.

Who built the Conception dive boat?

And a 26-year-old woman who’d only recently started working for Truth Aquatics, the Santa Barbara charter boat company that owned and custom built the 75-foot-long Conception. They were all on board for a three-day diving excursion to explore the waters off the Channel Islands.

Is Truth Aquatics still in business?

The Vision and the Truth, owned by the same company that owned the Conception, have been sold. The owner of the Conception dive boat that caught fire off the Channel Islands, killing 34 below deck, has sold the two remaining boats in the fleet amid a flurry of new lawsuits filed by the victims’ families.

How did dive boat fire start?

Investigators said the fast-moving fire and subsequent sinking of the Conception made it impossible to pinpoint the exact cause. They said the blaze started on the aft deck, where passengers were recharging their smartphones and other devices containing lithium-ion batteries.

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Who died on the Conception?

It’s been more than two years since a fire broke out on the Conception dive boat off the coast of Santa Barbara, killing 34 passengers and crew. For Kathi and Clark McIlvain, who lost their son Charlie in one of the worst maritime disasters in recent history, the pain is still very fresh. 18

What caused the boat to catch fire?

While loose battery connections, chafed battery cables, and aged battery switches can all cause fires aboard, the most common cause of battery-related fires is operator error: reversing the battery cables or connecting them in series when they should have been in parallel or vice versa.

Does anyone live on Santa Cruz Island?

The island is part of Santa Barbara County, California. The 2000 census showed a population of two people. Santa Cruz is the largest privately owned island off the continental United States. Ownership is split between the National Park Service (24%) and the Nature Conservancy (76%).

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