Readers ask: Where Is Mission Conception?

Can you go inside Mission Concepcion?

Mission Concepción In fact, the church stands as the oldest unrestored stone church in the United States. Exterior paintings have faded, but if you peek inside, you can still see original frescos in some of the church rooms.

What was Mission Concepcion known for?

Dedicated in 1755, Mission Concepción appears very much as it did over two centuries ago. It stands proudly as the oldest unrestored stone church in America. In its heyday, colorful geometric designs covered its surface, but the patterns have long since faded or been worn away.

Where was the Mission Concepcion originally established?

Nuestra Señora de la Purísima Concepción de Acuña Mission. Mission Concepción was originally established in East Texas in 1716 and moved to its present site in San Antonio in 1731. Concepción is the best preserved Spanish mission in Texas.

When was Mission Concepcion founded?


What is the oldest mission in Texas?

The Ysleta Mission, located in the Ysleta del Sur Pueblo within the municipality of El Paso, Texas, is recognized as the oldest continuously operated parish in the State of Texas.

How did mission Concepcion get its name?

This mission was named in honor of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception and Juan de Acuña, the Marqués de Casafuerte. The Marqués was Viceroy of New Spain (Mexico) when the mission transferred to the San Antonio River area in 1731.

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Who was the founding father of Mission San Francisco de la Espada?

In 1731 Father Pedro Muñoz of the College of Santa Cruz de Querétaro made a contract with the Pacaos Indians stating that they would be the owners of San Francisco de la Espada Mission, one of the early Spanish missions on the San Antonio River. The aqueduct, friary, and sacristy were completed in 1745.

When was the Alamo built?

Fray Antonio de Olivares led the Franciscan missionaries who founded the San Antonio de Valero Mission in 1718. The Spanish began construction of the current stone mission complex in 1744.

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